Monday, September 25, 2017

Heat Wave!

What a crazy weather week we've had! 
Not one day under 30* Celcius....and nearing 40 with the SEPTEMBER!
Now, I'm not complaining...I love the warm weather and I love summer. 
But...I've been battling some sort of crud and feel like I've been hit by a truck. Yuck.
So...confined to the house I've been knitting up a storm.

Most projects will be in my Shop (link above) and you can see more photos of them there.
And any scarf/cowl can be customized with colours or styles...let me know!

Muffin helps by supervising and keeping the birds away.

Vamp keeps a watchful eye from the catnip patch.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Weekend Wanderings

Like everyone else with loved ones in Florida I was glued to the TV watching coverage of Hurricane Irma.
 But I had to get some sewing done. And of course, my serger started to misbehave. Grr. Is anything worse than threading and rethreading and it still not working??? 


A 5:30 run to the fabric store for new needles. Proper ones that fit. Solved all my problems. I felt so dumb when I realized I'd put the wrong ones in....le sigh....spent my full Sat in the sewing room.

 Sunday....absolutely gorgeous out...and  because it was such a beautiful day, I went out and about.
I love to walk down through our City Hall, below are the photos from their gardens. Enjoy!