Monday, December 14, 2015

Well; THAT happened

So 2015 has nearly disappeared in a puff of sparkly pink glitter and wedding favours....

Did I forget to mention? I got MARRIED ! Wednesday, November 4th to be exact, at Disney's Wedding Pavilion in Florida, at WDW.
And how was it??
Absolutely perfect day....perfect wedding ceremony, perfect dinner, just...perfect.

(Oh yeah; There was lots of other stuff happening; crafting, gardening, and other stuff. And lots of filmwork and other gigs, too. More on that later as I catch up.)

But for right now, here's some  Wedding fun....:)
My dress & my MOH dress...and flowers...

My bouquet

Pointin' out da booblies. Lots of booblies. That was one tight corset.

Finished products! Me, Liz the MOH and Teeny Weeny the Flowergirl. Who stole the show.

Stuffing 50 feet of dress into a golf cart. This should be an Olympic Event!

My handsome Groom & his Dad.

And it happened!

Our dessert party at Epcot!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Choose Your Own Adventure Recipes

Hooray hooray!! The first Farmer's Market of the year for us in Brampton was yesterday. 

It was SO wonderful to stroll down the street surrounded by all this beauty & bounty. I love me my food; so forgive me if I wax poetic about it.
It also made me realize how dang fortunate we are to live where we do. Our soil, our land, our climate. (Yeah; even the -40C winters) But that's another topic for another day.

Now, I love my backyard.

 Except it's kinda small. And veryyyyyy shady. Which limits what will grow well.

Rhubarb, however grows insanely well. And provides a fun hidey-spot for Mikie. 

(Don't tell him we can see him. He thinks he's super secret.)

There's a lot you can do with rhubarb. Like, Pie. And...pie. And did I mention...pie?!?!?

Now yes of course I know there's more like cakes, and tartlets and my personal fav "Rhubarb Stew"
(Blogged about HERE) but this year when I saw them glorious strawberries...I knew it was gonna be PIE.


There is a door in front of you on the right. It is a nondescript door; however from behind it comes a strange high-pitched buzzing noise......

On your right, there is a cobwebby hallway, at the end of which are stairs that look old and rickety......